There have been 2000 years since the long ceasefire between humans and monsters.
It was a horrible conflict, with destruction and starvation sweeping the continents and annihilating everything in its path.
However, the prolonged calm did not teach both people and monsters a valuable lesson, as it eventually caused them to forget the hardships and scars of the conflict. Without remembering the mistakes of the past, ill thinking, corruption, and hatred spread across the nation.
Finally, the harmony has been broken, and violence has resumed its rampage over the continents. A weird cry erupted from the borders that separated people and monsters. The normally gentle monsters grew violent and attacked unsuspecting villagers, while human beings began to ruthlessly assault innocent monsters.
Volcanoes erupted violently and earthquakes ripped entire continents away. Massive blizzards wreaked havoc on villages and ecosystems, causing the extinction of certain species.
As the delicate peace began to unravel, several daring adventurers decided to embark on a quest to seek the assistance of the Great Mother Tree, which is the final hope for preserving the continents' peace.
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